We have extensive experience with a variety of commercial applications. From banks, to restaurants, to hotels, we have done it all. We understand the many details and challenges of commercial work, and we will work with you to see your project to completion.

Getting Started – The best way for us to provide an accurate quote is with blueprints or CAD drawings. Send us over a copy and we can provide an accurate quote.

Extensive Product Offerings – We offer Acrylic and Polyester Solid Surfaces, Granite, Engineered Stone, and wide variety of Environmentally conscious surfaces. If your architect or designer has specified a specific product and/or color, just let us know and we will include those specifics with your bid.

Un-Installed Countertops – Occasionally our customers require countertops that will be shipped to various parts of the country. We can build countertops to order, either from physical templates or CAD files, and have your counters fabricated and ready to go.

The majority of our products contribute to the sustainable design goals of a variety of commercial and residential applications. If your project needs to meet building and/or environmental standards, let us find the best product for your application.