Granite is a natural stone product which is available in a large number of colors and patters. As it is a naturally occurring product, every slab is unique. The majority of granite slabs come with a polished finish, although some slabs have a honed, or matte, finish.

Stain Resistance – Some granites are stain resistant and others are not. All granite should be sealed with a quality stone sealer to maintain its stain resistance. Avoid using chemical cleaners on your granite countertops as this will remove the sealer and leave the countertop vulnerable to staining.

Heat Resistance – Granite is one of the most heat resistant products we offer. Although thermal shock due to hot pots or pans is rare on Granite countertops, we always recommend a hot pad or trivet no matter what countertop product you choose.

Cutting and Abrasion – Granite has a mineral content which makes it very resistant to cuts and abrasions. However, we do not recommend using your countertops as a cutting surface, as it will quickly dull your knives.

Food Safe – Granite is porous, but with proper care, your should remain a clean and sanitary surface. Granite is not food safe certified for use in food preparation areas. We always recommend a sealer for all granite.